Oaty Pancakes



  1. Pour milk over rolled oats. Add remaining ingredients.
  2. Mix with fork (or in a food processor) just enough to combine ingredients.
  3. Put spoonfuls of mixture onto preheated, greased or sprayed griddle or fry pan. Turn spoon for round pancakes.
  4. Turn pancakes as soon as bubbles form and burst in the middle. Slide thin metal blade under pancake and flip over. Second side is cooked when centre springs back.
  5. Put a dab of butter on cooked surface of several pancakes.
  6. Pile up so butter is between pancakes. Pour syrup over before serving.
  7. Serve Oaty pancakes for breakfast or brunch, with juice or coffee. Pour syrup over the pile of buttered pancakes and serve bacon or sausages alongside if you like.