brisket quesadilla

A quick and easy low-prep meal, able to be taken anywhere.



  1. Heat a pan to medium with an (optional) thin coating of oil.
  2. Lay a single tortilla down on the pan and arrange cheese on the edges.
    • Arrange on 1 edge if you are making a folded quesadilla. Do both edges if using 2 tortillas. The cheese will help make sure the ingredients don’t fall out when flipping.
  3. Add the ingredients onto one half of the tortilla if using 1, or the entire surface if using 2.
  4. Fold empty half of the tortilla in the pan onto itself if you are only using one tortilla.
    • If you are using 2 simply place the second on top of the first.
  5. Periodically flip the tortilla until both sides are golden brown.
    • This may be hard if using 2 tortillas, so try your best or transfer it to a plate, flip it with your hands, and transfer it back to the pan.
Mexican · Quick · Cheesefare