Torrijas are a spanish dessert traditionally eaten during the Holy Week (Easter). It is said they were first cooked using the leftovers from the Lent.



  1. Mull the milk with cinnamon and a bit of sugar (not too much, the milk is already sweet). Add the lemon rind if you want.
  2. Cool down the milk.
  3. While the milk is cooling, beat the eggs and heat up half a pan of olive oil.
  4. Cut the dry bread in slices. Soak it in the milk.
  5. Coat the bread soaking it in the beaten eggs.
  6. Fry the soaked & coated bread with the heated oil.
  7. Optionally sprinkle some sugar onto the Torrijas.
  8. Enjoy when they are cooled down. Don’t eat too much, it won’t be easy resisting!


Spanish · Dessert · Quick · Easter