Loaded Mexican Rice

A tex-mex style mexican rice with beans and meat. Adding the beans and meat take it from a side dish to good good burrito filling. :x


5 serving


  1. Cook rice per manufactures instructions.
  2. Pore enough neutral oil in a large pan to cover the bottom entirely, and turn on to medium heat.
  3. Once pan is hot add rice, brake up the rice to ensue there are no clumps.
  4. Add tomato paste and chilies to the pan, mix until rice is coated add water if needed.
  5. Strain and add the beans, corn, and peas; if you are adding meat and or onion do so now.
  6. Mix well, ensue peas and corn thaw.
  7. Serve hot as either a burrito or bowl with your choice of fillings/toppings.


Rice · Southwest