Tahini short bread

Tahini biscuits

This short bread recipe uses sesame paste called Tahini, a minimal amount of white sugar is necessary in order to get a crunchy/caramelized short-bread. For better results, a food processor is welcome for this recipe. IMPORTANT Butter is what makes this recipe complicated when cooking the dough, make sure it is not liquid or that the room is not to warm and make sure that the shortbreads are cold before putting in the oven.



  1. Thoroughly mix the egg, sugar and Tahini
  2. Warm the butter so it is “pommade” meaning not liquide but soft enough so you can mix it with the preparation
  3. Have a good mixing of the butter and the preparation so it gets a bit airy.
  4. Add the flour slowly so the preparation stays homogenous.
  5. Add the baking powder
  6. Let the dough sit and then cook it as described in butter-based biscuits recipe
  7. Enjoy with tea
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