Baba's Feta Pasta

Greek Pasta Recipe with sauce made out of feta, stock, cream cheese and other ingredients. Uses mixed spice for special flavour, and is a great dinner or mid-day meal.


Serves Around 3 People. You can scale up to 4 If you increase most quantities by +1/4.


Make sure to prepare & chop most ingredients before you start.

  1. Get a small deepish pan and heat it to low-medium temperature. Add a good amount of virgin olive oil and place one of the small onion pieces into the pan. Wait until it starts to sizzle and add the rest of the onion. Mix well and make sure the temperature is not too high as it can damage ingredients. Optional: You can sprinkle some sugar over the onion to make it sweeter. Then after a few minutes, when the onion has browned/softened, add in the garlic and wait 1-2 minutes, then you can turn off heat and put it to the side for later.
  2. Get a medium-large sized deepish pan, heat with oil and then add in the olives, courgettes and mushrooms. Sprinkle salt every now and then to enhance taste. After a few minutes when they are soft and are around the same color, then add in the onion and garlic from the smaller pan.
  3. Wait a couple minutes and then add the broccoli and tomato slices to the mix. Wait 2-3 more minutes and then get your rinsed feta and melt it in the pan (chop to speed up).
  4. Start cooking the pasta.
  5. When the feta has nearly finished melting, add in the stock to the mix. Turn the pan temperature down slightly and then let it bubble for 5 mins (add a timer). Make sure to add the cover to the pan to keep in the flavor.
  6. After the 5 mins timer is up, add the overfilled tablespoon creme cheese to the main mix, stir, then re-add lid.
  7. Wait 2-3 more minutes and then you can test the sauce if you want. If you feel there is some missing, add more mixed spice or herbs such as parsley to it.
  8. Turn down the main mix again slightly and add the 1/3 Mug of Whole milk to the mix.
  9. Strain and serve your pasta and cover with the sauce. Enjoy!


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